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Tracklist  Bendeboue Blues 158 - Simply Rock The Blues -  2 janvier 2011

01 - Asie Payton - Livin' in So Much Pain - Back to The Bridge 2004 - Fat Possum Records
02 - Little Axe - Trouble In Mind - Stone Cold Ohio - 2006 - Real World Records
03 - Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir -  Oh Sorrow - Fighting And Onions 2005
04 - Collard Greens & Gravy - Low Down - Juke Joint Boogie - 2010 - Black Market Music
05 - Collwell-Winfield Blues Band - Going Down Slow - Cold Wind Blues 1968
06 - Rax Lacour -  My dog thinks I'm God -The Hotlist 2010 - Auto Prod.
07 - Bobby Dirninger - House Of Blues - In The End 2006
08 - Louisiana Red & Sugar Blue - The Woman That I`ve Known -Red Funk And Blues 1978 - Black Panther
09 - John Mooney - Move to Louisiana - Comin' Your Way - 1979 - Blind Pig
10 - Collard Greens & Gravy - Out Last Night - Juke Joint Boogie - 2010 - Black Market Music
11 - Boo Boo Davis -  Don't Drink And Drive- Undercover Blues - 2010 -  Black & Tan
12 - Becki Sue & Her Big Rockin' Daddies - Fat Boy Blues - Big Rockin' Boogie 2010 - Underworld Records
13 - AC-DC - Sin City

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Bendeboue Blues 157 - Blues De Noel 2010

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Bendeboue Blues 111 - Always On Top  (15/11/ 2009)
 1- Paul "Wine" Jones - Goin' Back Home
   2 - Little Axe - Walk Right Shoes
   3 - The Chambers Brothers - Let's Do It (Do It Together)
   4 - The Chambers Brothers - Heel Sneakers
   5 - Prof. Longhair - Rum & Coke
   6 - Lightnin' Slim - If You Ever Need Me
   7 - Solomon Burke - Detroit City
   8 - Jimmy Dawkins - Mean Ol' World
   9 - Arthur Oneica (aka. Poppa Neal) - Champs Elysées Blues
  10 - Junior Kimbrough - Juniors Place
  11 - R.L.Burnside - Last Night
  12 - Calvin Jackson - Leaving Train Blues
  13 - Watermelon Slim and The Workers - Bubbas Blues
  14 - Taildragger - You Gotta Go

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Listen to Bendeboue Blues 156 - Dreaming The Blues

01 - Headhunters feat. Dave Tice - Love Train - Outlaw Boogie (1992) Official Bootleg
02 - Dave Tice -  Colors Don't Run - Lay Down With Dogs (2007) Full Moon
03 - Fathead - Shame on Ya - Where's the Blues Taking Me (2010) Electro
04 - Chris Bell & 100% Blues - The Devil, My Guitar & Me - The Devil, My Guitar & Me (2010) Silverbridge Records
05 - Guitar Shorty -  - Mean Husband Blues - Topsy Turvy (1993)  Black Top
06 - Blind Snooks Eaglin - Going To The River(1977) - The Sonet Blues Story-Snooks Eaglin (2006) Verve
07 - Chain - Black & Blue - Aussie Rythm & Blues (1987)
08 - Chuck E Weisz - Devil With Blue Suede Shoes - Old Souls And Wolf Tickets (2006) Rhino
09 - Freddie Roulette - Cause And Effect - Sweet Funky Steel (vinyl)  (1973) Janus Records
10 - John Mayall - Prison On The Road - So Many Roads: An Anthology 1964-1974 (2010) Universal
11 - John Mayall - Mr. James - So Many Roads: An Anthology 1964-1974 (2010) Universal
12 - John Mayall - Picture On The wall - So Many Roads: An Anthology 1964-1974 (2010) Universal
13 - John Mayall - Riding On The L & N - So Many Roads: An Anthology 1964-1974 (2010) Universal

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Bintangs - Blues On The Ceiling (1969)


The Bintangs from Beverwijk were originally named Rocket Dynes and Black Phantoms. They didn't only become known for their rough, smoky Hoogoven-born sound, but also for the great number of changes in their line-up. In the 1960s, especially in the province of Noord-Holland, they had a firm following, which, in the cities of Beverwijk and Haarlem, manifested itself in posters plastered on many walls and even a gigantic gas tank with their name painted on it. Although only one original member remains in the band now (Frank Kraayeveld, b, v) and they have split up a few times along the way, the Bintangs (Indonesian for "stars") are one of the (if not the) longest-lasting bands in the Netherlands.
Key members throughout the years were - apart from Frank Kraayeveld - his younger brother Arti (g, v and principal songwriter) and Mick Jagger-soundalike Guus (or Gus) Pleines (v, h). After just two hits, Arti and Frank left The Bintangs in late 1970 and formed Kraayeveld (later renamed Circus Kraayeveld). In 1974, Gus Pleines joined Kraayeveld from the then-defunct Bintangs, but in 1975 they changed their name to Bintangs again. Arti had already left Kraayeveld in June 1973 (replaced by younger brother René Kraayeveld) and formed Carlsberg. Gus Pleines was the lead singer between 1968-1983 and 1989-2004. He died in 2007. The band officially split up in 1985 with Frank forming The Frank Kraayeveld Band. They regrouped in 1989 and continue to this day.

 Enjoy it, =here=

1.Smokestack Lightning (2:15)
2.Louisiana (Blues) (4:08)
3.Fighting a Losing Battle (3:50)
4.Three Hunderd Pounds of Joy (3:07)
5.Still a Fool (6:30)
6.Little by Little (2:27)
7.Blues with a Feeling (4:34)
8.St. Louis Blues (6:15)
9.My Babe (4:20)
10.Blues on the Ceiling (4:17)
11.It's All over Now (3:17)

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John The Revelator – Wild Blues 1970

John The Revelator – Wild Blues 1970

another great example of the dutch blues scene in the seventies, here later to be continued with The Blue Eyed Bluesband and The Shakey Sam Bluesband


album zip file here

John The Revelator – Wild Blues 1970

40 years of ramblin’, stringbending, slidin’ and wailing

 Back in 1966 when Eric Clapton delivered his heavily overdriven wailing blues licks on the “Beano” album with John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers, the guitar world was completely shaken up. Legend has it that Eric put his hand flat on the controls of his Marshall combo, moved his hand to the right, setting all controls full power in the process.
Future Revelator singer and bassman Tom Huissen lived in London at the time that the blues scene triggered by Clapton’s trademark guitar work exploded.He became pals with Peter Green, Eric’s successor in the Bluesbreakers, and witnessed the first rehearsals of Pete’s then new band Fleetwood Mac.
 Immediately after returning in Holland Tom started to form a blues band modelled after Fleetwood Mac.Finding the right guys for the job was not too hard and the band started to rehearse with cheap guitars, old tube driven radios for amplifiers and a tyre lever for playing bottleneck guitar.
Early in 1969 the band adopted the name “John the Revelator” after the A Capella blues traditional by the great Son House.John the Revelator took off immediately and extensively started gigging the Dutch and European blues circuits that were thriving at the time.
After winning the prestigious Loosdrecht Jazz contest in 1970 record label Decca offered the band a recording contract resulting in the first album Wild Blues.This highly collectable record was re-released on CD in 2003.
In 1973 the popularity of the blues was decreasing and John the Revelator called it a day very appropriately at a local festival organised by the Dutch Red Cross.
Tom Huissen en lead guitarist Frans ten Kleij started a new band called Hellhound.Contrary to what the name suggest Hellhound was not a band of heavily tattooed leather clad boys playing funny guitars at ear splitting levels.The name was simply derived from the great Robert Johnson song “Hellhound on my trail”.The music of Hellhound still held a strong blues element and can best be described as symphonic blues.
In 1977 after continuous touring Hellhound packed it in.
Both Tom and Frans had a flirtation with other musicians and musical styles but as blood is thicker than water a new line up of John the Revelator was ready to hit the road again after five or six months.This line up recorded the indie album Empty Road back in 1981.Empty Road never got released on CD and nowadays is as much a collector’s item as its predecessor Wild Blues.
 In 1983 Cor Dijkhuizen, drummer to the present day joined the band.Again there was much touring and the occasional reshuffle of personnel.The whole musical history of the band is reflected on the 1989 CD ‘Bluesproof’, compiled because of the 20th anniversary of the band.All John the Revelator members past and present do their bit at the 20th anniversary concert where “Bluesproof” is presented to the public.It was during this gig that slide guitarist Paul Dammers decided to rejoin the band after an absence of almost 17 years.
Five years later in 1994 the album “Cahow” saw the light of day. Cahow is a collection of straight blues songs and named after a petrel from Bermuda thought to be extinct.
In 1997 a long overdue live album named “The Tamalone Bluestapes” was released.This album without any overdubs whatsoever contained most of the songs that proved to be live favourites over the years and perfectly reproduces the sweaty stompin’ blues drive typical for a Revelator gig.
In recent years John the Revelator has jammed with Peter Green, Snowy White,Chris Farlowe and a bunch of legendary Dutch blues guys some of which are featured on the album “Down in the Mud”.
They also joined in at the 35th anniversary of the band in 2004 which was recorded on DVD for release in 2007.
This gig again saw the return of present day keyboard wizard Erwin Aubroeck who played earlier with the band in the late eighties.
Now that the 40th anniversary is coming near, a new album is being recorded. It will be called “Underway” after an instrumental by Peter Green which is included on the album.For those who wanna hear some bits and pieces of the new album:click on the banner Underway. Release of the new album is planned for September 2009.
After playing all over Europe the band now for the first time will be touring Western Australia in November 2009 and play at the prestigious Bridgetown Blues Festival.
Tom Huissen- Lead Vocals & Bass Guitar
Frans ten Kleij- Leadguitar & Harmonica
Jos de Wilde- Slide Guitar
Charles van den Heuvel- Piano
Fred Huissen- Drums
Henno van Donselaar- Alto Sax
Charles van der Steeg- Tenor & Baritone Sax
01. John the Revelator  John The Revelator  0:46
02. I Can’t Stop Lovin’ You  James  3:02
03. Worried Dreams  King  5:41
04. Charlie’s Drive Inn  John The Revelator  1:39
05. Talk to Me, Baby  James  5:01
06. Personal Manager  King, Porter  4:35
07. Wild Blues  John The Revelator  1:37
08. Bleeding Heart  James  4:42
09. No Woman  John The Revelator  3:12
10. Homework  Clark, Perkins  3:05
11. Yeah   John The Revelator  3:03
12. Rockin’ Squirrel   John The Revelator  3:34
13. One Track Mind   John The Revelator  4:44
14. I Can’t Stop Lovin’ You [live]  James  3:22
15. Little Red Rooster [demo version]  Dixon  4:17
16. Worried Dreams [instrumental/demo version]  4:50

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The Chambers Brothers - People Get Ready (Live Blues Soul 1964 Ash Groove LA)

Chambers Brothers - People Get Ready

Prior to their smash hit "The Time Has Come Today" on Columbia in 1967, the Chambers Brothers had recorded for second-tier labels such as Folkways and Vault. Although they had something of a following among folk music enthusiasts, it is interesting to note that their use of amplification was not an issue with this particular audience as it had been with Bob Dylan. Was an exception made for them on account of their background? It's hard to say, but they were apparently well received at the 1965 Folk Festival. Perhaps the fact that the utilization of electric instruments did not seem to have an adverse effect on their magnificent, gospel-derived group singing had something to do with it.

Like a lot of other contemporary (but mostly white) groups, the Chambers Brothers display a Jimmy Reed influence with the inclusion of "Yes, Yes, Yes" (a retitled version of "Goin' Upside Your Head") and "You've Got Me Running." Even the version of Johnnie Taylor's "You Can Run" is done in the bluesman's characteristic style. "Reconsider Baby," is, of course, a nod to Lowell Fulson, while the rock rendition of "Summertime" from Porgy and Bess predates Big Brother & the Holding Company's version by at least a couple of years. Early soul is represented by covers of the Impressions' "People Get Ready" (written by Curtis Mayfield), Barrett Strong's "Money" (written by Berry Gordy and Janie Bradford), the Isley Brothers' "Your Old Lady," and the Valentinos' "It's All Over Now" (written by Bobby and Shirley Womack). "Tore Up" is a fine take on the Hank Ballard classic, and "Hooka Tooka," while probably inspired by Chubby Checker's hit version from the previous year, demonstrates an indirect folk music influence since the song is a member of the "Green Rocky Road" family. "Call Me" is the only track that is not a cover (with songwriting credits going to Joe and Willie), and, while a good tune, is at least slightly indebted to the sound of the early Isleys, although that's definitely not a bad thing. And one can't help but notice the prominent cowbell and think about how that same instrument would also be used to similar effect on "The Time Has Come Today."

1. Yes, Yes, Yes
2. Tore Up
3. Reconsider Baby
4. You've Got Me Running
5. People Get Ready
6. Money (That's What I Want)
7. You Can Run (But You Can't Hide)
8. Hooka Tooka
9. Call Me
10. Summertime
11. Your Old Lady
12. It's All Over Now

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Bintangs - Travelling In The U.S.A. (1970 )

Bintangs - Travelling In The USA
01 - Travelling In The U.S.A
02 - In The Past
03 - Is A Blue Bird Blue
04 - He Didn't Want Go Home
05 - Rock It Little Bastard
06 - I'm Gonna Let You Down
07 - Agnes Grey
08 - Ridin' On The L & N


Bintangs - I'm On My Own Again (1969-72)(2 cd)

A Dutch R&B (rock) band, originated 1961 in Beverwijk, North-Holland province, and which has settled in IJmuiden, a town nearby. The band still existst and is one of the oldest in the world.

The name ‘Bintangs’ is the Malayan word for ‘stars’. Initially the band plays rock ‘n ‘roll, but later switches to old-fashioned rhythm & blues. The Bintangs, who achieved fame with their legendary live shows, has had more than forty different line-ups.

Website: http://www.bintangs.nl/

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Size: 283 MB
Bitrate: 256 mp3
Artwork Included

The Bintangs from Beverwijk were originally named Rocket Dynes and Black Phantoms. They didn't only become known for their rough, smoky Hoogoven-born sound, but also for their great number of line-up changes. In the 60's, especially in the province of Noord-Holland, they had a firm following, which, in the cities of Beverwijk and Haarlem, manifested itself in posters plastered on many walls and even a gigantic gas tank with their name painted on it. Once at the Kennemer Theater, which was the place for open-air appearances at the time, the whole floor was crushed and demolished into pieces by the over-enthusiastic fans. Despite this, the Bintangs (Malay for "stars") remained one of the most underrated groups in the Netherlands.

This is the most complete summary of the group's members: Drums: Nono Piepelenbos (59) Rob Wijsters (59-60) Fred Maas (60) Gerry Ottenvanger (60) Leo van Olfen (60) Jimmy Jansen (60-63) Henk van Besu (63-66) Peter de Leeuwe (66-67, ex-Hottlets & Moans, to Los Zomos & Ekseption) Frans Kroon (67, ex-Hamlets) Henk van Norden (67-68) Hermke Klaasen (68, ex-Blues Vocation) Harry Schierbeek (68, to Kraayeveld) Aad Hooft (68-74, to Oscar Benton) Harry Schierbeek (74).

Guitar: Klaas Holtkamp (59-60, ex-Sky Rockets) Meine Fernhout (59-68, ex-Garred Boys) Piet Maas (60-62) Peter de Leeuwe (65, ex-Hottlets, to Moans and back as drummer) Jan Wijte (65-66 and 69-70) Gus Pleines (68-69) Rob van Donselaar (70-74, to Benton) Jack van Schaik (74).

Solo Guitar: Arthy Kraayeveld (59-68, ex-Garred Boys) Jan Wijte (68-69) Arthy (69-70, then to Kraayeveld) Jan Wijte (70-72) Rob ten Bokum (72-74, ex-Panda, to Blue Eyed Bluesband) Jaap Castricum (74-75, to Dais and Arthy Kraayeveld) Ben de Bruin (75, ex-Rob Hoeke and Flash & Dance Band), Albert Schiebeek (ex-Kraayeveld).

Keyboards: Jan Wijte (67-69) Rob van Donselaar (69-74) Jaap Castricum (74-75). Bass: Frank Kraayeveld (69-70, ex-Sky Rockets) James Schab (60-62) Ronald Krom (70-74, ex-Turquoise) Frank Kraayeveld (74).

Vocals: Arthy (59-60, 62-64, 67-68 & 74) Rob Wijsters (60-62) Wil Nimisz (64-66) Gus Pleines (66-72, ex-Hottlets) James Walker (67) Frank Kraayeveld (67-70) Nico Taihutu (68, ex-Blues Vocation, to Uzi) Rob Kruisman (72-74, ex-Panda and Modesty Blaise, to Supersister), Gus (74). Harmonica: Wil Nimisz (64-66) Gus Pleines (66-67, 68-72 and 74) Jan Wijte (67-68).

Flute: Jan Wijte (66-72, to Cockney Pride) Charles van der Steeg (72-74, ex-John the Revelator) Rob Kruisman (72-74). Diversen: Fred Maas (perc, 60-62) Bill Tromp (perc, 60-62) Rob van Donselaar (steel, 69-70) Charles van der Steeg (s, 72-74, to Cuby & The Blizzards) Rob Kruisman (s, 72-74)

To listen,
Disc 1 find here 

Disc 1:
01. I'm on my own again
02. Down south blues
03. Travelin' in the U.S.A.
04. Hound is on the run
05. Riding on the L and N
06. In the past
07. It's all over now
08. Little by little
09. Agnes grey
10. Rock it little bastard
11. Smokestack lightning
12. The bride
13. The dying of Mister Fernandez
14. He didn't wanna go home
15. Is a blue bird blue
16. I'm gonna let you down
17. Mona Lisa
18. Saint Louis blues
19. Too much
20. Well then it's all right

Disc 2 find here

Disc 2:
21. One hundred pounds
22. Louisiana blues
23. A losing battle
24. Still a fool
25. Blues with a feeling
26. My babe
27. Blues on the ceiling
28. Lion tamer
29. (selectie)
30. Hello goodbye
31. You got love
32. We're gonna make it
33. Be rolling
34. Chicky jamboree
35. You can't judge a book by looking at the cover
36. Mustang driver
37. Take me down
38. Jambalaya
39. Lunatic
40. Wilo manger

Bintangs - Rockfield Beauties [1982 Lark Records]

Bintangs - Rockfield Beauties

1-1 Cold War Generation

1-2 Agnes Grey

1-3 Do John

1-4 Hobo Man

1-5 Insight, Inside Out

2-1 Bayou Woman

2-2 Handmade High-Heeled Flesh-Colored Boots

2-3 Open & Busted

2-4 Gone Dead Train

2-5 New Orleans, New Orleans

2-6 Travelin' Mood

another vinyl rip [audition 2.0]

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NightlosersThe Nightlosers are a romanian ethno-blues band, mostly remarkable for their ability to find common roots between country-rock, American blues and Eastern Europe genuine folk, thus conveying the same message through complementary ways of expression. Their sound is chameleonic - to induce the rock/blues/ethno state of mind, the blend is a well-measured recipe with a bit of passion, a bit of subtle self-humor, a lot of technique in whatever device that produces some sort of sound, from overdriven guitar down to poplar leaf -- and a good dose of temper

Hanno Hoefer - guitars, harmonica,washboard, vocals
Barila Andreescu - bass guitar
Jimi Laco - guitars, violin, viola, talkbox
Grunzo Geza - keyboards
"Țapu" Plaudiu Curcărin - drums


(1995)-Nightlosers - Sitting On Top Of The World

 download tracks here
01 - Sitting On Top Of The World
02 - Talkin' On The Phone
03 - Baby Please Don't Go
04 - Sitting On Top Of The World
05 - Nothing Has Changed
06 - Rock Me Woman
07 - Stepping Back
08 - Turn Me On
09 - Tears
10 - Send Me Someone To Love
11 - Mistery Train
12 - Let's Talk it Over
13 - Dealin' With The Blues
14 - Glory Of Love
15 - Balkan Blue Rhumba

(1997)-Nightlosers - The Groove Distillery 'Plum Brandy Blues'

download tracks: The Groove Distillery 'Plum Brandy Blues'
01 . Shame Shame Shame
02 . Baby Why You Want To Let Go
03 . Everyday I Have The Blues
04 . Pretty Thing
05 . All Your Love
06 . Little City Woman
07 . Stormy Monday Blues
08 . Five Long Years
09 . Hoochie Coochie Man
10 . Mysterie Train
11 . Trouble In Mind
12 . Balkan Blue Ruma
13 . Blue Suede Shoes
14 . Goodnight Irene

(2004)-Nightlosers - Rhythm & Bluz

01 - Telephone Blues
02 - One Last Try
03 - Six Days On The Road
04 - Little Red Rooster
05 - Sophisticated Mama
06 - Ain't Coming Back
07 - Good Understanding
08 - Sporting Life
09 - Man Of Many Words
10 - If You Want Me to Love You
11 - Mind Your Own Business
12 - My Babe
13 - Petre Butch
14 - Nu mai plange baby
15 - Dragostea-i ca si o rai


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Blueass Bluesband - Crossing

The first joint release through this collaboration is the newest release by Blueass Blues Band, who've been together since 1981 displaying some mighty fine Rockin' Blues. Their music has been compared to the works of the Fabulous Thunderbirds, and with good reason, as they can certainly pull off that Texas-styled Bluesy swagger quite convincingly. "Crossing" is the band's fourth release and it is packed full of original tunes and exceptional musicianship. The quartet is made up of twin guitarists and principal songwriters Peter "PG" Gustavsson and Ralph "R&B" Broqvist, along with bass player Morgan Jansson and drummer Per Hero; all of the members share in vocal duties.

The selections on this CD are wide-ranged, all of which are deftly crafted with excitement. The opening tune, "Like A Bluesmachine," goes straight for the jugular right off the bat, it's in-your-face and fast-paced. Just the right type of song to grab your attention immediately. From there, it's a real mish-mash of jumpin' numbers including highlights such as "Behind The Smoke" with its raucous Rockabilly beat; "You Hurt Me,"a Jimi Hendrix/Earl Hooker-styled wah-wah guitar piece; and the closing tune, "Life Is A Mystery," which blends a mournful slide guitar with amplified harp supplied by Johan Hjortsberg.

If you've ever questioned European artists playing the Blues, check this recording out. It'll definitely place a whole new outlook on your thoughts regarding the subject. I'm hoping there's a lot more coming from the Blaze/Burnside connection!

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Bintangs - Live Paradiso Amsterdam

Live In Paradiso Amsterdam

V.A. - Blues Live In Baton Rouge At The Speak-Easy

Blues Live In Baton Rouge At The Speak-Easy (vinyl rip excello ex 8021) 

It's here, Enjoy!It's here, Enjoy

tracklist -info = under construction

The Bintangs [1978] EP 45 rpm


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One Of My All-Time Favorite Songs

At the time of Centerfield's original 1985 release, John Fogerty had been out of the music game for ten years. This remastered offering adds two tracks and upgraded sound and that's enough, because the title track is there and that's all we really need.

Walton and Statler, your hosts

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The Chambers Brothers - Now !

The Chambers Brothers is a soul-music group, best known for its 1968 hit record, the 11-minute long song "Time Has Come Today". The group was part of the wave of new music that integrated American blues and gospel traditions with modern psychedelic and rock elements, spawning a heady mix integrating all these factors. Based on their Southern roots, the brothers brought a raw authenticity to their recordings and live performances that was missing from many other acts of that era. Their music has been kept alive through heavy use in film soundtracks.

The Chambers Brothers first honed their skills as members of the choir in their Baptist church. This set up ended in 1952 when older brother George was drafted into the army. After his discharge George moved to Los Angeles. The other Chambers brothers soon settled there as well. As a foursome, they began performing gospel and folk throughout the Southern California region in 1954, but they more or less remained unknown until appearing in New York City in 1965.[1]

In the early 1960s, these four brothers from Mississippi, Joe and Willie on guitar, Lester on harmonica, and George on washtub bass, started to venture outside the gospel circuit, playing at coffeehouses that booked folk acts. They played at places like The Ash Grove, one of Los Angeles's most popular folk clubs. It became a favorite haunt of theirs and brought them into contact with Hoyt Axton, Ramblin' Jack Elliott, Reverend Gary Davis, and Barbara Dane. Dane became a great supporter, performing and recording with the brothers. She took them on tour with her and introduced them to Pete Seeger, who helped put the Chambers Brothers on the bill of the 1965 Newport Folk Festival. One of the songs they performed, "I Got It," appeared on the Newport Folk Festival 1965 compilation LP, which was issued on the Vanguard label.[2]

They were becoming more accepted in the folk community, but, like many on the folk circuit, they were looking to electrify their music and become more rock and roll. Guitarist Joe Chambers recalled in a May 1994 Goldmine article that people at the Newport Folk Festival were breaking down fences and rushing to the stage. "Newport had never seen or heard anything like that." After the group finished and the crowd finally settled down, the MC came up and said "Whether you know it or not, that was rock'n'roll." That night they played at a post-concert party for festival performers and went to a recording session of the newly electrified Bob Dylan.[3] Now having gone electric George would trade in his washtub bass for a Danelectro bass guitar.

Shortly after this, the group recorded its debut album People Get Ready.

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