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NightlosersThe Nightlosers are a romanian ethno-blues band, mostly remarkable for their ability to find common roots between country-rock, American blues and Eastern Europe genuine folk, thus conveying the same message through complementary ways of expression. Their sound is chameleonic - to induce the rock/blues/ethno state of mind, the blend is a well-measured recipe with a bit of passion, a bit of subtle self-humor, a lot of technique in whatever device that produces some sort of sound, from overdriven guitar down to poplar leaf -- and a good dose of temper

Hanno Hoefer - guitars, harmonica,washboard, vocals
Barila Andreescu - bass guitar
Jimi Laco - guitars, violin, viola, talkbox
Grunzo Geza - keyboards
"Țapu" Plaudiu Curcărin - drums


(1995)-Nightlosers - Sitting On Top Of The World

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01 - Sitting On Top Of The World
02 - Talkin' On The Phone
03 - Baby Please Don't Go
04 - Sitting On Top Of The World
05 - Nothing Has Changed
06 - Rock Me Woman
07 - Stepping Back
08 - Turn Me On
09 - Tears
10 - Send Me Someone To Love
11 - Mistery Train
12 - Let's Talk it Over
13 - Dealin' With The Blues
14 - Glory Of Love
15 - Balkan Blue Rhumba

(1997)-Nightlosers - The Groove Distillery 'Plum Brandy Blues'

download tracks: The Groove Distillery 'Plum Brandy Blues'
01 . Shame Shame Shame
02 . Baby Why You Want To Let Go
03 . Everyday I Have The Blues
04 . Pretty Thing
05 . All Your Love
06 . Little City Woman
07 . Stormy Monday Blues
08 . Five Long Years
09 . Hoochie Coochie Man
10 . Mysterie Train
11 . Trouble In Mind
12 . Balkan Blue Ruma
13 . Blue Suede Shoes
14 . Goodnight Irene

(2004)-Nightlosers - Rhythm & Bluz

01 - Telephone Blues
02 - One Last Try
03 - Six Days On The Road
04 - Little Red Rooster
05 - Sophisticated Mama
06 - Ain't Coming Back
07 - Good Understanding
08 - Sporting Life
09 - Man Of Many Words
10 - If You Want Me to Love You
11 - Mind Your Own Business
12 - My Babe
13 - Petre Butch
14 - Nu mai plange baby
15 - Dragostea-i ca si o rai


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Blueass Bluesband - Crossing

The first joint release through this collaboration is the newest release by Blueass Blues Band, who've been together since 1981 displaying some mighty fine Rockin' Blues. Their music has been compared to the works of the Fabulous Thunderbirds, and with good reason, as they can certainly pull off that Texas-styled Bluesy swagger quite convincingly. "Crossing" is the band's fourth release and it is packed full of original tunes and exceptional musicianship. The quartet is made up of twin guitarists and principal songwriters Peter "PG" Gustavsson and Ralph "R&B" Broqvist, along with bass player Morgan Jansson and drummer Per Hero; all of the members share in vocal duties.

The selections on this CD are wide-ranged, all of which are deftly crafted with excitement. The opening tune, "Like A Bluesmachine," goes straight for the jugular right off the bat, it's in-your-face and fast-paced. Just the right type of song to grab your attention immediately. From there, it's a real mish-mash of jumpin' numbers including highlights such as "Behind The Smoke" with its raucous Rockabilly beat; "You Hurt Me,"a Jimi Hendrix/Earl Hooker-styled wah-wah guitar piece; and the closing tune, "Life Is A Mystery," which blends a mournful slide guitar with amplified harp supplied by Johan Hjortsberg.

If you've ever questioned European artists playing the Blues, check this recording out. It'll definitely place a whole new outlook on your thoughts regarding the subject. I'm hoping there's a lot more coming from the Blaze/Burnside connection!

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Bintangs - Live Paradiso Amsterdam

Live In Paradiso Amsterdam

V.A. - Blues Live In Baton Rouge At The Speak-Easy

Blues Live In Baton Rouge At The Speak-Easy (vinyl rip excello ex 8021) 

It's here, Enjoy!It's here, Enjoy

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The Bintangs [1978] EP 45 rpm


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One Of My All-Time Favorite Songs

At the time of Centerfield's original 1985 release, John Fogerty had been out of the music game for ten years. This remastered offering adds two tracks and upgraded sound and that's enough, because the title track is there and that's all we really need.

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The Chambers Brothers - Now !

The Chambers Brothers is a soul-music group, best known for its 1968 hit record, the 11-minute long song "Time Has Come Today". The group was part of the wave of new music that integrated American blues and gospel traditions with modern psychedelic and rock elements, spawning a heady mix integrating all these factors. Based on their Southern roots, the brothers brought a raw authenticity to their recordings and live performances that was missing from many other acts of that era. Their music has been kept alive through heavy use in film soundtracks.

The Chambers Brothers first honed their skills as members of the choir in their Baptist church. This set up ended in 1952 when older brother George was drafted into the army. After his discharge George moved to Los Angeles. The other Chambers brothers soon settled there as well. As a foursome, they began performing gospel and folk throughout the Southern California region in 1954, but they more or less remained unknown until appearing in New York City in 1965.[1]

In the early 1960s, these four brothers from Mississippi, Joe and Willie on guitar, Lester on harmonica, and George on washtub bass, started to venture outside the gospel circuit, playing at coffeehouses that booked folk acts. They played at places like The Ash Grove, one of Los Angeles's most popular folk clubs. It became a favorite haunt of theirs and brought them into contact with Hoyt Axton, Ramblin' Jack Elliott, Reverend Gary Davis, and Barbara Dane. Dane became a great supporter, performing and recording with the brothers. She took them on tour with her and introduced them to Pete Seeger, who helped put the Chambers Brothers on the bill of the 1965 Newport Folk Festival. One of the songs they performed, "I Got It," appeared on the Newport Folk Festival 1965 compilation LP, which was issued on the Vanguard label.[2]

They were becoming more accepted in the folk community, but, like many on the folk circuit, they were looking to electrify their music and become more rock and roll. Guitarist Joe Chambers recalled in a May 1994 Goldmine article that people at the Newport Folk Festival were breaking down fences and rushing to the stage. "Newport had never seen or heard anything like that." After the group finished and the crowd finally settled down, the MC came up and said "Whether you know it or not, that was rock'n'roll." That night they played at a post-concert party for festival performers and went to a recording session of the newly electrified Bob Dylan.[3] Now having gone electric George would trade in his washtub bass for a Danelectro bass guitar.

Shortly after this, the group recorded its debut album People Get Ready.

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