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Bendeboue Blues Tracklist 188 - Foolin' Around dimanche 11 septembre 2011
01 - Bo Diddley - Rock'N'Roll - Greasy Rock 'n' Roll vol 1 - Compil 45 rpm
02 - Rockin' Johnny - Guess I'll Walk Alone - Now 's The Time - 2010 - Auto Prod.
03 - Guess Who - Shakin All Over - Greasy Rock 'n' Roll vol 2 - Compil 45 rpm
04 - Honey Boy Edwards - My Baby's Gone [1964] - Crawling Kingsnake - 1997 - Testament
05 - Honey Boy Edwards - Crawling Kingsnake[1967] - Crawling Kingsnake - 1997 - Testament
06 - Doctor Ross - Turkey Leg Woman - Boogie Disease - 2009 - Arhoolie
07 - Henry Townsend - The Train is Coming - The Blues In St Louis volume 3 - 1984 - Folkways Records
08 - Jake Calypso - Rock 'n' Roll Train - Grandaddy's Grease - 2010 - Chickens Records

09 - Ike and Tina Turner - You Can't Blame Me - - 45 rpm.Sue 735 - Poor Fool / You Can't Blame Me - 1961
10 - Ron Hacker & The Hacksaws - Hear Me Sing Like Elmore James - Backdoor Man - 2000 - Saloon Records
11 - Malted Milk - Sadie - Peaches, Ice Cream and Wine - 2000 - Blueside/MSI
12 - Robert Belfour - Go Ahead On - Pushin' My Luck - 2003- Epitaph/Fatpossum
13 - Robert Belfour - I'm Gonna Leave (You) - Pushin' My Luck - 2003 - Epitaph/Fatpossum
14 - Elliot Sharp - Gravedigger - Electric Willie - 2010 - yeb-7715-2

Quote a partir de HOT CHICKENS

Des nouveaux projets différents fusent !
Un 45 tours ‘vynil’ 2 titres (My Baby Rocks ! / My Honey Bop) est sorti fin 2009. Il a était enregistré sous le nom de JAKE CALYPSO & His Red Hot (Chickens Records). Ce dernier ayant tellement rencontré de succès auprès des DJ et aficionados des sonorités et du style ‘fifties’, que le groupe a toute de suite enchaîné avec l’album intitulé ‘GRANDADDY GREASE’ sorti en CD et 33 tours automne 2010. Il s’agit de 12 compositions de JAKE CALYPSO dans la pure veine ‘Country & Rockabilly’ influencées par Al Ferrier, Alvis Wayne, Hank Williams ou Elvis de 1954 à 55. Début 2011, un nouveau titre : ‘The Devil & Me’ des HOT CHICKENS se trouvera sur la compilation ‘ROCKERS KULTURE VOL.2’, (JAKE CALYPSO était déjà présent sur le 1er volume). Ici beaucoup plus inspiré par JJ Cale ou Tony Joe White, les HOT CHICKENS vont donc mettre une bonne dose de BLUES, de COUNTRY ROCK USA ainsi qu’une ambiance plus 60’s et début 70’s dans leur prochain album prévu pour l’été 2011. Mais les fantômes d’Elvis, de Gene Vincent ou de Johnny Burnette continueront à envoûter les nombreux concerts des HOT CHICKENS. Après 12 ans d’existence, toujours sur les routes et avec pleins de pr..........
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Quote à partir deELECTRIC WILLIE

Eric Mingus - vocals
Queen Esther - vocals
Melvin Gibbs - bass
Lance Carter - drums
Henry Kaiser - guitar
Glenn Phillips - guitar
Elliott Sharp - guitar, console steel guitar


1. Which Came First 2. Backdoor Man 3. Eternity 4. Wang Dang Doodle 5. Pie in the Sky 6. The Same Thing
7. Dead Presidents > Mighty Earthquake & Hurricane 8. Grave Digger 9. Spoonful 10. It Don't Make Sense (You Can't Make Peace)

A Tribute to Willie Dixon performed by Eric Mingus, Queen Esther, Henry Kaiser, Glenn Phillips, Melvin Gibbs, Lance Carter, and Elliott Sharp

I first came to the blues through the Yardbirds and Rolling Stones, typical for a middle-class white kid in the suburbs in the mid-1960's. A recurring name in the songwriting credits was Willie Dixon. As my blues listening deepened into the real stuff, I soon realized that Willie Dixon was the man who distilled in words and music so much of the essence of the black American experience: it's myths, histories, rituals, joys, sorrow, pain, and hopes. These songs and their embedded memes spread throughout American music. In so many ways, Willie Dixon provided the link between blues and rock. Playing in bands from the 60's onward, it was always natural to include a Willie Dixon tune whether for its lyrics, both sly and wise, or its infectious grooves and harmonies. These songs have stayed with us and one hopes, will always be with us.

Scott Beal was the late and lamented founder of Gaff Records - a friend and wisecracking companion who is sorely missed. It was Scott's idea to get Henry Kaiser, Glenn Philips, and I together for a project. In my discussions with Henry, the Electric Willie concept was born - a sonic tribute to the master and also a tribute to the Electric Mud and Electric Wolf records dissed by critics yet strangely loved by many musicians who dug the psychedelic excess and especially the wicked licks of guitar master Pete Cosey. Obvious choices to join us were the slamming rhythm section of bassist Melvin Gibbs and drummer Lance Carter (another friend late, lamented and sorely missed!) and singers Eric Mingus and Queen Esther.

While always enjoying jamming the classics, we also hoped to bring to the table some of Willie Dixon's lesser known works including his collaborations with Ry Cooder and the Grateful Dead's Bob Weir. Throughout his life, Dixon was man of great conscience and pacifism who often commented on social and political issues. Mingus and Queen Esther give impassioned readings throughout and as guitarists we tried to go over the top while relying on Melvin and Lance to keep us connected to terra firma, whether rock solid or in temblor mode
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